Natu table and commode collection

Hand-made from a single piece 150 to 250-year-old oak

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All tables and commodes are unique, hand-made from a single piece 150 to 250-year-old oak. Such a beauty is hard to describe and show only on pictures and video and it is best and most impressive to se in person. That is why Augmented reality was the obvious choice for the table presentation for its look and size. We had several goals for the project, first one was to enable end customers to visualize this unique tables in their space directly on their web site. Second goal was to provide high quality 3D models for the architects so they can include them in their projects. Third goal was to create high quality renders of the tables and commode in desired spaces for marketing materials and promotion.

In order to keep the exact shape of the tables and all the variations in the texture of the wood we decided to go with 3d scanning instead of classic 3D modeling. The 3D scanning was made using the ultra-high resolution photogrammetric method directly in the Natu factory. Finished high resolution models were remodeled and optimized for webAR so they can load very fast and be very  responsive on the web.

Here you can see and try out their beautiful and unique Oze table:

Here you can see some of the renders created with scanned 3d models.


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