Explore our high-quality webAR examples, showcasing an exceptional level of detail and a photorealistic look. All 3D models are also optimized for fast performance and lightning-fast loading times.


Immerse yourself as our expertly crafted 3D characters seamlessly blend the virtual and real worlds through WebAR technology

Roman Soldier
Football player
Šokica - traditional costume

3D Scanned items

Explore our high-quality 3D-scanned items, bringing real-world objects to life in your space through cutting-edge WebAR experiences.

Sun dial
Roman bust
Ceramic plate
Small oil lamp
Ancient coin
Oil lamp
Brass plate

3D modeled items

Discover our collection of items modeled just from pictures, seamlessly integrating into your surroundings through advanced WebAR experiences.

Horse tram
Traditional hat
Roman helmet
Blue whale
Painting With Frame
Ceramic vase
Anatomical object
traditional bag

Traditional boats

Experience the meticulous modeling and reconstruction of traditional boats from old pictures, blueprints, and drawings. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of seafaring as these intricately crafted vessels come to life through advanced WebAR experiences.

Traditional vessel from Rab


Discover the revival of historic buildings through meticulous modeling from old pictures, blueprints, and drawings. Immerse yourself in their intricate details via advanced WebAR experiences.

Roman villa
Small town
Medieval Castle

A 3D Model Is Worth 1000 Pictures, 

But AR Brings It To The Whole New Level !

frequently asked questions

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, and haptic.
No. We use cutting-edge cloud-based AR technology, which means that our AR experiences require absolutely no 3rd party app download to view. Simply scan the QR code or navigate to the unique web-link to activate the AR experience. Only two taps required.
Very simple, our embeddable 3D player allows you to integrate your AR projects into your web sites with a single line of code. Just like a youtube video.

Usually more complex projects are hosted on the client’s server in order to have lower latency and greater flexibility for integration with the client’s web shop and website. Simpler projects are usually hosted on our servers and integrated into the client page via iframe code.

No, we will create QR code for you
With 3D modeling software, rendering software, and mesh engineering. Additionally if we have a physical model in hand we can also use photogrammetry, lidars, and 3D scanning.
Yes. If you can, give us access to the original 3d file, we can work with your existing model to get it Web AR ready and it will speed up the modeling process so the final project can be cheaper.
We create, deliver, integrate and maintain everything for you! Just tell us your idea and vision, send a couple of reference pictures and you will have a full AR experience on you web page.

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